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LAMP for Technical Education and Entrepreneurship Reproducibility

The first of its kind in Koya District, LAMP organization is a non-governmental non-profit organization formally established in April 2021. The objective of the organization is to promote the concept of Dual Education and Technical Vocational Education Training not only in Koya District but all over Kurdistan Region-Iraq (KRI).

The organization has one of the best trained staff comprised of pioneer ToTs in manufacturing and industrial expertise, economics, information technology, administration, computer science, population science, almost all main fields of engineering, and geoscience. They are internationally-recognized trainers and mostly equipped with highest academic degrees with at least 15 years of experience.

Organization Founder: Dr.-Ing. Rastee D. Ali

Our Mission

Our staff are dedicated volunteers who feel the responsibility towards the KRI. The message we try to conduct is to tell the people enough is enough to rely on the public sector employment and let everyone act as independent entrepreneurs. We give special emphasis to women empowerment in this message. We try to reactive them through creative and innovative approaches via nonconventional trainings. We are also reaching out to the disadvantaged refugees and IDPs. We want to help youth withstand crisis and drive sustainable growth to improve the quality of life for their local societies. In LAMPs mandate, we have seven focus areas. Namely;

1) Fighting unemployment among youth through technical and vocational trainings.

2) Promotion of entrepreneurship practices in KRI.

3) Integrating all proposed solutions with environmentally-friendly objectives.

4) Developing a lifelong technical education.

5) Identifying skills needs in the local market.

6) Supporting and encouraging joint approaches, principles and tools to improve TVET inside educational institutes in KR.

7) Providing local governments with technical trainings to increase efficiency and productivity.

Why Choose Us

What we are doing to promote employability?

We fight unemployment among youth through:
Entrepreneurship Development 70%
Technical Training 60%
TVET Promotion 60%
Softskill Trainings 50%

Entrepreneurship Development

We provide the Entrepreneurship Development Training curriculum supported by the best practices.

Technical Education

We develop a hybrid knowledge-based technical education model.

Business Development Service

We support established businesses with a systematic advisory and mentoring programme.

Softskill Trainings

We are provide a set of soft skill trainings supported by people with practical experience in their respective fields.
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Our Pricing Plans

We are a non-profit organization. Yet to support our activities to survive and cover operational costs, we charge some fees to be re-circulated for the public advantage.

Business Development Service

  • Mentoring
  • Promotion
  • Marketing
  • Sustainability

Softskill Trainings

  • Foreign Language Training
  • Leadership, HR, Decision Making, Accounting
  • Coaching, Conflict Management
  • Job Hunting Techniques

Entrepreneurship Development

  • Know Yourself!
  • Production Plan
  • Financial Plan
  • Risk Management Plan

Our Team

No NGO in Kurdistan Region has as many professional team members as LAMP for Technical Education and Entrepreneurship Reproducibility. They have M.Sc. onwards and often equipped with the best teaching and training experience.